Parent Reviews

Our two daughters attend Compass. We’ve found it to be a safe, nurturing place where the teachers don’t teach just facts: They teach a love of learning. The Montessori method surrounds children with beautiful, engaging ways to learn, teaches self-regulation and focus, and allows them to follow their academic interests. The result is that at age 3, my youngest daughter is getting good at focusing on tasks, learning about the world around her, and building pre-writing skills, while our older daughter, who is turning 5, is reading insatiably and loves practicing addition. We have found the teachers to be incredibly dedicated and compassionate. They do well at communicating any concerns, hold regular parent conferences and often pause for a few minutes at pick-up time to tell us about what our kids did that day.
– Kris Higginson, mother of two students


This school has been more than I ever expected! The classrooms are always so clean and my daughter loves her school and her teachers. She grew very confident about herself in the school’s warm atmosphere. The school has a great student to teacher ratio. Mrs. Evers has been such an inspiration to me and I learned so much from her. She helped me see my child’s needs and challenges through a perspective of love and understanding. Moreover, she has an eye for qualified teachers and I completely trust her and her staff.
– Hyunkyung Kaitlyn Lee, mother of two students


My son is beginning his second year at Compass. We have been extremely pleased with his social-emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and educational growth at this preschool. The school’s adherence to the traditional Montessori philosophy and method of instruction allows my son to grow in a multitude of ways everyday building life skills, math, handwriting, language, science, and social studies. Compass has a high teacher to student ratio that appealed to our family knowing that our son had a high energy level and needed lots of redirection. My son has benefited from the cultural diversity and loving environment that Compass provides. As a parent, I am informed on a daily basis regarding my son’s progress. I am always greeted by kind and happy staff. Since beginning his preschool education at Compass, my child is more open to new experiences, shows better self-regulation, and gets along with peers not to mention demonstrates improved academic skills. I highly recommend Compass to families who are looking for educators who will honor their children as individuals and challenge them to enhance their strengths and improve on their areas of weakness.
– Cynthia Hoffer, mother of former student


Compass Montessori School is a wonderful school. My daughter has learned more in the independent learning environment than I could have ever imagined. She is actually teaching ME new things all of the time! The teachers are very loving & make us all feel at ease. They genuinely care about their students & it shows.
– Vanessa McNair, mother of former student


My kids love going to school here. They feel loved, respected and cherished by the teachers. They stay amongst the top (if not the top) of the class once they move on to elementary school being they have covered such a wide variety of subjects at Compass Montessori. They learn to be responsible, hard working people. They learn to complete a project and clean up after themselves once completed. The school is clean and well organized. The teachers are well educated. They communicate any news or updates often.This is a kind and loving environment which we will dearly miss after graduation. We have all learned so much from our time at Compass Montessori. Thank you!
– Heidi Benjamin, mother of two students


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