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March 2019 Newsletter

Dear Compass Montessori Families,

We had a short yet great month at our school! Our mother nature decided to give us a little break with all the snow. But we took advantage of these days to play outside, make snowman and spend time with our families. This past month went by pretty fast; however, our students surely enjoyed celebrating our friendship’s month.

February was a great month to reinforce our social skills; the students have been learning every day about our personal space, taking care of each other and communicating our wants and needs using their words. During this month, we learned about the rainforest; they enjoyed learning about which animals live in each layer of the rainforest. We learned about the famous presidents of the U.S.A; they were so surprised to learn that some of the presidents are displayed on our money! We also had a great time learning about elephants; the children enjoyed making an elephant snack. They learned about the different types of elephants and about their body features and body parts. And for our last week we learned about Africa; they learned about the culture, food and about the animals. They had a great time singing “Old Mikamba had a farm”; on which the students were challenged to make sounds of animals from Africa.

March is here and so is spring, we are so excited for more sunny days! This month the students will be learning about Europe, the shamrock, rivers, insects and St. Patrick’s day. We are so proud of each of our students and we can’t wait to share with you about their progress during our parent-teacher conference.   We will have our conferences on March 21st-22nd, please schedule your time.



CMS staffs

Summer break August 18-September 3

Dear Parents,
School will be closed from August 18th to September 3rd. We will be back on the first day of school, September 4th (Tuesday).
We are accepting enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year. Send us an email at [email protected] for more inquiries.
Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
CMS Staff

End of Summer Reminder, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe summer school is almost over! We have had so much fun this summer – with Jr. Olympics, spirit days, water fun activities, as well as working hard in the classroom – this summer as really flown by!

For our last day (August 17th), we are going to have our END OF SUMMER fun activities in the classroom the whole morning work time. The teachers have a variety of activities prepared for the kids to play and have fun with!

In line with this, parents can help out by bringing store-bought snacks the kids can enjoy while playing.

We are sad that summer school is ending but let us make our last week in school memorable for the kids!

Thank you!

-CMS Staff

Water Day Fun

Dear Parents,

On August 2nd, we will be having our Water Fun day during our morning and afternoon playground time. The teachers are preparing fun playground activities for the kids to have fun and stay cool. In line with this, please send your child in their swim wear, underneath their regular clothes. Please also bring a small towel to dry them with.

Thank you!

-CMS Staff

Memorial Day, 2018

Dear parents,
Dates to remember:
Memorial Day May 28th, 2018 (Monday) we will have no school in observation of the holiday. Have a nice long weekend!
Thank you!
-CMS Staff